~ Testimonials ~ 



"Radio zero has it all.  This is already becoming an             addiction. MofoHari is a perfect blend of amazing and       brilliant. Each day has something wonderful to offer. The talk show alongside the music is nothing but perfect. 
This has a way of helping me relax after a hectic day at   work. I am looking forward to being on the show myself."     - BELCHIS  

"RADIO ZERO is 'All The Way Up'".  - EASY MO BEE  

"Dope ep. wit Kool Kim brought back alot of memories...     Fruits of Nature"  "..Word many jewels... I've been sleeping but I'm rocking wit you I'm a start catching up to older       eps...Again big up dope show keep pushing and you most def have my support.... LUV...."  - RIO (AKA SAM THE SEED)

"Checking out your interviews This is what Hip Hop Needs right now."  - DJ-SUPREME

"Big Shout to Donna H MofoHari for rocking that "Everything I Love" joint on her playlist last night!"                 - TOPSHELFMUZIK

" "Listen Up" Jason Denku Miller featuring Will P Grand Surgeon was featured on a playlist by Donna H Mofohari  complete dope sauce .............. Salute and thank u Donna !!!!!!!" - DCYPHA, CYPHADEN PRODUCTIONS

"io vi ascolto tutti giorni e' voi siete molto sinpatiche  a trasmertere ciao vvb ww radio zero ??" (translation: "I listen to you all day and you are very nice to send bye vvb ww radio zero ??") - feedback from a listener in Italy                                                 


"Really enjoying the flow of the show. Good personality and songs." "Thank you as well. It was great, what a vibe! You are professional and fun. Much love Mo."  - 1 SHOT SPITUNE (MC, Entrepreneur)

" To me, Radio Zero is special. It does so much for so many." - 1 SHOT SPITUNE (2 yrs after guesting on RZ)


" Loved It, Mofo Is Top Notched And The Best At What She Does, Brilliant Interview And Would Go Back Anytime If She Asked." - LAMAR FLEET-DJ TWENTY GARDNER AKA DJ 20 20 (DJ, Entrepreneur, Producer, Author, MC)

"This is a dope show I enjoyed being interviewed by my sis hope we can do this again." - KARTUNE (MC)

"Thank you for the wonderful program, I listened the the entire broadcast and it as very enjoyable. Continued success to you!"   - ANITA S WOODLEY (Author/Motivational Speaker)

"I'm listening to it now!! Everything sounds GREAT!! Thank you Donna!!"  - ANGELA DAVIS (Artist Manager, re Positive K Interview)
"Listen to this interview. Very important. My girl Donna H Mofohari and i speaking some real shit. Funny sad crazy at the same damn time. Smh but very knowledgeable.. Enjoy."  "U dope at this too. Really good line up. Songs on point. Interesting and entertaining."  - PAULA PERRY (Veteran Emcee Extraordinaire)

"Last night the memories of my Life in the world of Hip Hop all came back to me on my interview on Radio Zero, these guys   here were all apart of my wonderful memories....The Chief Rockin 4 with Dr Rythm and Dj Swift, I thank you Donna H Mofohari for the opportunity to tell my story !"  - TROY DEE NU YORK (Veteran Artist, Comedian)

"Awesome experience, very surreal. My wife & I sat and listened. We both thought you did a great edit. The music choices     were on point." - RICHARD JACKSON (Former Interviewer with "40 And A Blunt" Music Magazine, Artist, Owner/Director of Nyceflix Film and Video Production)

"I thank you so much Miss Donna. You've done amazing interviews with Seizure, with S Don and of course Mr Diaz and you     know, your professionalism..I can't thank you enough. That's why, when we are able to get radio interviews with you it's a     blessing. Totally amazing."  - JAMMIN (PR/Marketing Specialist for Black Dreams Entertainment and Huge Music)
"I love tuning into radio zero with my family. MofoHari running the show. Its a show everybody can enjoy and the interviews are interesting.  I try and tune in every show definitely worth it!!" - SUPREME DA ALMIGHTY (Producer; Host, Back To The Basics Radio; London Le'Blanc Music Magazine)

"Much love and respect to Donna and the whole crew at Radio Zero! Thank you so much for spinning my new single and for showing that love for Myself, the Legendary Easy Mo Bee, DJ Emskee , and Eman. Till the next one. Peace. Blessings!"             - COOKIE THE QUEEN  (Business Owner, Artist, Writer)

"I'd like to share my experiences listening to Radio Zero..hosted by the lovely ms donna mofohari! Radio Zero plays the top hip hop and easy listening, smooth music that's relevant to the listeners, great conversation with the fans or a special feature. There is never a dull moment in here at all!!.."  - VEK CMD (Producer, Writer, Singer)

"You have an Amazing radio Personality & VOICE and Shows dope. I listened this weekend 2x to the whole show." - WILL P GRAND SURGEON (Producer, MC, Rapper, Lyricist, Writer, Actor)

"Radio Zero is a wonderful show I enjoy the music, the history behind the music, and the interviews. I was also honored to be apart of the Old School vs New School debate and I was absolutely pleased with the edits and songs of choice, this was different to be interviewed instead of interviewing but definitely one of the best experiences of my life." - MARKESA SWEETPEA (Radio Host, Da Sweet Spot, Co-Host,  The Hip Hop Scene; Artist Manager; Interviewer/Writer for London Le'Blanc Music Magazine)
"Being on Mofohari's radio show was the experience like no other. What she does is special. She's been breaking my records to the world and I'm so thankful for that. Being apart of the discussion (young rappers vs old MC's) gave me a chance to speak up for my generation. I loved the idea, loved being on the show, and interacting message board was a cool experience." - KONNOISSEUR KHRIS (MC, Recording Studio Entrepreneur, Writer London Le'Blanc Music Magazine)